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FashionTats Festival Beauty Kit!

Heading to a festival this summer? Well don't forget your beauty kit! It takes a lot of work to stay beautiful when you're having fun (we know!) Don't forget the most basic supplies: water to stay hydrated and sun screen to keep your skin safe! But in addition to that, here are some beauty supplies to make your day extra special!     Deodorant! Don't want to be caught smelling a little overpowering, do you? It can easily be overlooked, but when you're out in the hot sun, there will definitely be a little sweat! Better keep that BO under wraps! Flower Crown. Not absolutely necessary, but it definitely adds a bit of feminine flair to your style! Plus, when...

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Tips for Wearing Your FashionTats!

Our FashionTats temporary tattoos are super easy to put apply. Simply peel off the plastic covering, apply tattoo face down, and lightly wet the back of the sheet with some water. We recommend using a sponge or a wet paper towel to apply the water. Wait 10-20 seconds, and then remove the sheet slowly. Simple! Here are some extra tips to for wearing your metallic temporary tattoos!    1. Where to Place Your Tattoos to Prolong Wear Time To make sure that your metallic temporary tattoos last as long as possible, place on a surface that doesn't encounter too much friction and does not stretch too much. They can last anywhere from a few days to a week depending on how well...

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