Tips for Wearing Your FashionTats!

Our FashionTats temporary tattoos are super easy to put apply. Simply peel off the plastic covering, apply tattoo face down, and lightly wet the back of the sheet with some water. We recommend using a sponge or a wet paper towel to apply the water. Wait 10-20 seconds, and then remove the sheet slowly. Simple! Here are some extra tips to for wearing your metallic temporary tattoos! 


1. Where to Place Your Tattoos to Prolong Wear Time
To make sure that your metallic temporary tattoos last as long as possible, place on a surface that doesn't encounter too much friction and does not stretch too much. They can last anywhere from a few days to a week depending on how well you take care of the area.


2. Avoid Using Products on the Metallic Tattoo
Sunscreens, lotions, and other products will reduce the wear-time of the temporary tattoos. Oils especially will remove the tattoo. 


3. Mix It Up
Style your metallic temporary tattoos anywhere you want! Face, arms, legs, back, and you can even apply them as nail decals! For nail decals, we recommend using smaller tattoos such as our triangle and arrows sheet. Cut them up and apply on dry nails same as usual. Make sure your nails are completely dry though! If you are applying them on top of nail polish, it might be wise to wear a top coat first and then apply the tattoo. Afterwards, apply another layer of top coat to seal it in. 


4. Remove in a Flash
If you applied your metallic temporary tattoo incorrectly or want to take them off, simply use baby oil! Dab some on a cotton ball and gently rub to remove any residue. It's that easy!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!