FashionTats Festival Beauty Kit!

Heading to a festival this summer? Well don't forget your beauty kit! It takes a lot of work to stay beautiful when you're having fun (we know!) Don't forget the most basic supplies: water to stay hydrated and sun screen to keep your skin safe! But in addition to that, here are some beauty supplies to make your day extra special!



  1. Deodorant! Don't want to be caught smelling a little overpowering, do you? It can easily be overlooked, but when you're out in the hot sun, there will definitely be a little sweat! Better keep that BO under wraps!
  2. Flower Crown. Not absolutely necessary, but it definitely adds a bit of feminine flair to your style! Plus, when else can you wear a flower crown for a whole day without getting the side eye from passers-by? Make the best of the occasion and have a little fun with some hair decorations!
  3. Hand Sanitizer! Who knows what you might accidentally touch when you're in a crowd of thousands and thousands of people. Better safe than sorry! 
  4. Nail Polish. Don't forget to paint your nails in pastels, neon, black, glitter, shimmer, flakies, holos, or whatever your favorite nail color is! (Pictured: Orly Cake Pop)
  5. Metallic temporary tattoos! It is the latest trend in body art and (clearly) we LOVE IT. There are just so many ways to style your FashionTats metallic tattoos! We love subtle ones that align along your hands and fits right in with your regular rings, bracelets, and necklaces. And yes, you can even align them on your cheek just like warrior paint, except with a little gold flash! It is a festival-must-have!
  6. Hair chalk. Fancy changing your hair color, just for the weekend? You'll achieve gorgeous colored hair with hair chalk! It only stays on for a day or two, so you'll have your normal hair back in time for the work. Perfect!
  7. Face Mist. Most people won't think to bring this, but what a difference it will make! You are sure to get a little hot and dehydrated from all the dancing and partying. A little face mist will perk you right up! And they come in small bottles that you can just toss in your purse too! 
  8. Dry Shampoo. In addition to a bit of sweat, your hair might get a little worn out from the day also. When you can't hop in a shower to freshen up, try some dry shampoo. I don't know about you, but I hate it when my hair gets oily and it ends up flat and getting stuck together. Not cute. But don't worry! A solution exists... in a can! Easy to transport and a quick fix to help you get back to enjoying that festival!