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We Can Custom Print Any Design!

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Not finding what you’re looking for in our styles? Not to worry, design your own custom temporary tattoos! Submit your design of custom temporary tattoos and we will create it. FashionTats is here to serve your temporary tattoo needs! Call or email us for assistance with your art files and for latest pricing at 888-511-3389 or Service@FashionTats.com.

We can print any size sheet, minimum order is just 500 units.

You can also shop our full line of pre-printed in-stock metallic gold and silver temporary tattoos. SHOP NOW

Why keep your sense of style all to yourself? It’s time to show off with custom temporary tattoos! Metallic temporary tattoos are making big waves in today’s pop culture. Now you can make a huge fashion splash with your own custom temporary tattoos!

When you show off your own custom temporary tattoos, you get the chance to express yourself creatively. Whether on the beach or at your next outdoor music festival, you’ll love the chance to show off your unique custom temporary tattoos..

With FashionTats, we can help you design custom temporary tattoos every bit as unique as you are.

Prepare to turn some heads! You’ve got an absolutely dreamy idea for a custom tattoo that is sure to impress. And now you can make your dreams come true with temporary tattoos custom made with the help of FashionTats!

If you fancy yourself a fashionista, creating your own custom tattoos can give you an unforgettable glow. Gorgeous gold and silver colors—and other colors too!—let you customize flashy custom tattoos that look just like jewelry. Everyone you meet will swear it was the real thing!

Custom temporary tattoos are joining the ranks of flashy, affordable fashion. Just like any other jewelry you choose to adorn yourself with, they’re perfect for making you feel like a star. Custom temporary tattoos allow you to fit your image to your current stylish fancy, letting you stay on top of the latest fashions. And if you need to update your image, just choose a new custom tattoo design and viola—instant makeover!

Customize Your Ideal Tattoos with the Help of Our Customer Service

Ready to get noticed? We can help you bring your wildest designs for custom tattoos to life. Whatever you can think up, we want to help you achieve it.

In just three easy steps, you can show off your own unique art:

  1. Design your custom temporary tattoo!
  2. Place your order!
  3. Apply your custom tattoos!

When you call us at FashionTats, you’ll receive rockstar-level service. From helping you upload your custom tattoo image to making sure it’s just the right size, the sky’s the limit when it comes to custom temporary tattoos.

Make custom temporary tattoos with us at FashionTats, and let us make art together.