Become your favorite celebrity with our celebrity tattoos! They are hand curated and designed just to look like the tattoos that each famous star has on their body. You can use these for a costume for a party, for Halloween, or if you just feel like embodying your favorite superstar on a random day. Celebrity tattoos are all the rage these days. Get yours!

We have packs in for 4 amazing superstars: Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and Angelina Jolie. These glam ladies are known for their love of ink and celebrity tattoos. They’re not afraid to show their creativity and passion with tattoos on their skin. You can get the same look of celebrity tattoos without the commitment! Our temporary tattoos will last only a few days on your skin, just the perfect amount of time for a party and then some!

Angelina Jolie’s tattoos are spiritually and culturally inclined, which speaks to her personality as a humanitarian and advocate for human rights, conservation, and women’s rights. We offer a life size pack if you want to dress up as this award winning actress and a mini pack if you just love her celebrity tattoos and want to wear them a little more subtly.

If you want to be a Miley impersonator, we carry full sized versions of Miley Cyrus’ many tattoos! You, too, can show off your wild side with Miley temporary tattoos. Whether you’re dressing up with a wrecking ball, a crazy mouse suit, or another wild child outfit, your outfit won’t be complete without these tattoos and Miley’s signature sticking-out-tongue!

Soulful crooner Amy Winehouse still sings in our hearts and you can embody her vision and aesthetic with Amy Winehouse celebrity tattoos! Don’t forget the bold cat eye and Amy’s signature beehive. You’ll be ready to swoon audiences in no time at all!

Lady Gaga has always been known to be a little provocative, a little strange, and always one to turn heads. She’s a trendsetter after all, not a follower. Her dresses and outfits are talked about by millions but you can mimic her look with life size temporary celebrity tattoos whether your look is Artpop, Bad Romance, or Poker Face.