Valetine's Day Shine

♥ What's Love Got to Do with It? ♥


The ancient Roman fertility festival Lupercalia was once celebrated on February 15. Tradition stated that young women were to place their names in an urn, and the men would take a name to be mated with. Because this custom was not about a courtship, the Church did not approve and made a change. Pope Gelasius I decided that the patron of feast, Valentine would replace, Lupercus in the celebration. Men would now give woman handwritten messages of admiration that included Valentine’s name in order to sweep a lady off her feet.


If you throw Lupercus aside, another possible explanation for the holiday came during Middle Ages of Europe, where the belief was that birds chose their partners for life in the middle of February. Following suit to the birds, potential sweethearts began writing letters and sending small gifts as tradition.


Will we ever know the exact reason the Valentines day came about? Maybe not, but we can rest in peace knowing that it is okay to feast away on this very special day!
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