FashionTats Now Sponsoring World's Youngest Yogi

Radiating positive energy, youthful fun, and a heart full of gold, Jaysea DeVoe is not your average teenager. What sets her apart from being a normal teen is that at just 13, she became a certified yoga instructor after completing 500 hour of training. That is what makes her unique and inspiring.

Jaysea took her first class with her mother when she was just 8 and has been hooked ever since. What is most interesting is that her love of yoga is strongly rooted in the spiritual aspect. In an interview with Mind Body Green, she is expresses that some of her friends take her class to get skinny, "But it's not about that. The spiritual part of yoga is not about looking a certain way; it's about honoring yourself and telling yourself you're beautiful."

Raised by the ocean, Jaysea is also known for being a water baby, and her classes often are taught with this influence. She uses metaphors about the ebb and flow of the sea to explain how to move or bend the body. Her yoga class is called Sea Vibes, and she has even started to a jewelry line on Etsy with the same name.  Keep an eye out for this lovely young lady because she is sure to keep making a big splash in this world!

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