Proud to Announce Domo Tattoos!

Domo, hatched from an egg, who lives underground with a rabbit named, Usajii has made his way into many hearts and homes worldwide. He is known for his love of watching television and sometimes passing gas when he is nervous. The way he communicates is with low noises that sound like his name. He is also known for having a strong dislike for apples because his ancestors died from them, and his daydreams often lead to disaster. This brown square character is often animated and adored by many. 

Originated as mascot to a Japanese television station in 1998, Domo soon started appearing in flash animations. Steadily moving up the ladder to fame, Domo was gaining more and more exposure. In 2008 he was even part of a marketing campaign with Target, being their official Halloween mascot. You can find Domo in big retails chains such as Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic. FashionTats is now the next thing he can add to his list! Be sure to check him out!