Spiritual Awakening


Take a minute or hour to breathe, relax, meditate, and become one. Reach your inner Nirvana. Channel your energies. Release your inner yogi. Achieve peace and enlightenment. Recite your mantras. Mind. Body. Soul.


Dive into a state of calmness and peace through meditation. Start out with your mantra, Ohm. The “ohm” is a mantra and a mystical sound that is believed to carry power and significance. In Hinduism, “ohm” is the reflection of absolute reality.


The lotus symbol is revered in Buddhism as a symbol of creation, cosmic renewal, and purity of body, speech, and mind. The lotus also represents perseverance. The lotus flower can even bloom in muddy waters, emerging unstained and beautiful.



Achieve balance with the yin and yang symbol. This symbol represents two sides that complement each other. For there is no dark without light, and no evil without good.  


The hamsa symbol is commonly used as a sign of protection. Its origins are in Arabic, Middle East and North African culture. The hamsa is often use in jewelry as an amulet of protection.


Use these symbols as guides to your meditation. Focus on positive vibes and connect with your spiritual self. Awaken your spiritual being.